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Ghost Pictures: West Seattle High School
West Seattle High School

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Location: West Seattle
Date: June, 2007
Time: 7:30 pm
Conditions: warm, overcast
Camera/Photographer: unknown/anonymous

An apparition appears in the window of West Seattle High School (above). This apparition has been seen throughout the interior of the school, and roaming the nearby grounds. It is believed to be the ghost of Rose Higginbotham, a student, who committed suicide at the school in 1924.

The original building was constructed in 1917 and is a designated Seattle landmark. All of the following symbols appear at least once on the exterior of the school, most of them appear repeatedly.


Pentacle   Pentacles may be a secret Pythagorean symbol for knowledge or they could be used as a protective symbol against evil. Also a symbol used by freemasons, witches, and other pagan or occult groups.

Rams Heads   Rams Heads represent Christ in the Old Testament and are a symbol for leadership and authority, also a symbol for Satan or evil.

eight pointed star   Octagrams symbolize the sun, the Star of the Magi, and are also a symbol for knowledge, and the future.

Ingwaz   Ingwaz is the rune of harmony and represents the successful completion of one phase and the successful beginning of another, also a symbol of protection against evil.

Orb   Orbs, Globes, and Circles represent infinity, eternity, completion, wholeness and perfection.

Cross   Greek Crosses symbolize the sun, the cardinal directions, the four elements, and the divine within women and men.

Diamond   Diamonds are a symbol of excellence, courage, and knowledge.

Fusils Crosses   Fusils Crosses represent skill in negotiation, travel and labor.


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