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Ghost Pictures: Scary Face
Scary Face

Scary Face Detail

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Location: Greenwood Memorial Park And Cemetery in Renton, WA
Date: 10/31/04
Time: 3:00 pm
Conditions: Favorable. Sunny, clear, and cold but above freezing.

I took this photo on Halloween, on this day I was visiting the grave of Jimi Hendrix, it was a beautiful afternoon as you can see.

After several hours in the cemetery and snapping hundreds of photos, I believed that no anomalies had been captured on this trip. I printed several photos anyway and I was pleasantly surprised at the benign face that appears in the photo.

In the photo above I did not see the face until several months later. I remember feeling compelled to enter this area of the cemetery and the atmosphere there was very relaxed, it was very dark and there was a little fountain running, I liked it, it was like a little hide-away. So, even though the face looks scary I don't believe that is really is...this time. (knock wood)

Detail Image: The image below is a cut out detailing the "scary face" in the photo above. I have made the cut out brighter and have also raised the contrast in an effort to make the face more apparent. Still can't see it? Look at the bottom left corner, there you can see a pointed chin, directly above that is a wide open mouth, above that and to the right is the right eye socket, (left eye socket is not visible), above that is a long sloping forehead.


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